The work of “The gatehouse”

Last week we shared changes to our giving strategy and some background to the needs we are hoping to address…. (Read more)

Housing in Oxfordshire

Earlier this week, we mentioned some changes to our giving strategy. Here are some of the reasons we have chosen… (Read more)

The Oxford Gatehouse

As you will no doubt know, right from the first day of operations at Tessell8, we committed to giving a… (Read more)

The quotes are real… honest

If you ever get to the home page you will see some quotes from clients appearing across the page. These… (Read more)

We love to serve

It’s a phrase you hear a lot, but we really do love going as far as we can to help… (Read more)

What a summer (pt 6)

Sometimes the approval process gets beaten by the market. We recently scheduled an installation project for a client and, with… (Read more)

What a summer (pt 5)

If you have been enjoying the good weather of late and been on the road, you may have come across… (Read more)

What a summer! (pt 4)

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What a summer! (pt 3)

Continuing with the pressure to find new revenue streams and back in the UK, one of our clients decided to… (Read more)

What a summer! (pt 2)

With lockdown still keeping its grip our clients were looking for any and all ways to generate revenue. In most… (Read more)