The work of “The gatehouse”

Last week we shared changes to our giving strategy and some background to the needs we are hoping to address. Here are some more details about the Oxford Gatehouse:

For more than 30 years though, the Gatehouse has been working tirelessly to support homeless people, and in 2020: 

• It made provision for 28,460 meals 

• More than 200 people accessed its café pre-pandemic 

• Nearly 220 people have accessed the service post-pandemic 

• More than 3,000 practical provision items were delivered 

• Seventy people accessed this service in 2020 

• The equivalent of 12,180 meals were delivered 

• This service also delivered 6857 practical items in 2020 to the temporarily housed 

• Almost 450 volunteers delivered 25,240 volunteer hours 

We are convinced more than ever that as a business we can really help make a difference. 

This is especially acute as the days shorten and the temperature drops. 

Whilst many look ahead to Christmas with excitement, it is a time of year that presents unique challenges for those without a home.