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last minute backdrop

Last week we helped out one of our clients with a last minute backdrop for their annual awards. Produced and… (Read more)

The Hungry Games Movie

And here’s one we made earlier… Now that this has been seen internally, we can share the video from “The… (Read more)

Drive the business or pack the boxes?

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We are VERY excited about our new solar and battery installation. When we started Tessell8 we decided that we would… (Read more)

The Hungry Games

If you happened to be at Leicester Forest East last Tuesday morning and wondered just what was going on, we… (Read more)

Tess – the InterLockian

This is Tess (an InterLockian). There are many different types of InterLockians (M8’s, Pixelites, Fair-locks, Eightlings and InterLockers) Each one… (Read more)

The Oxford Gatehouse

We were really pleased to be shown this on Facebook yesterday. As many of you know, we made giving one… (Read more)

Taco Bell reveal

We were back at South Mimms yesterday for the final reveal! After a weekend that presented quite a few curved… (Read more)

What Value Experience?

What’s the value of speed and experience? In December last year one of our global clients had a last-minute opportunity… (Read more)