What a summer (pt 5)

If you have been enjoying the good weather of late and been on the road, you may have come across a new set of stores of a rather well know ice cream brand at some of the UK’s motorway services.

The sheer amount of effort and logistics that goes on in the background for the types of projects is, quite literally, mind boggling. To then achieve the same result in 1/4 of the usual time is nothing short of a miracle.

Tessell8 played a very small part in this process, handling all the POS and customer facing hardware requirements. This included creating brand consistent artwork and production on the fly and souring a range of components from the USA. Alongside, UK supply and installation of totem graphics and other site specific graphics.

It was an immensely fun project to be involved with and very rewarding.

The best bit?

Being told “I just love working with you guys, it doesn’t matter what it is, when you say you are on it, I can relax and forget about it, knowing its just going to happen”