Anything to declare?

Service is everything.

We hear this a lot but, in Tessell8 land, it is one of our main goals. 

Last week, one of our clients had an exceptionally urgent and complex project to deliver. 

Our part in this was the production of a unique printed element. This had complex manufacturing needs (400 books where each page is unique) and is part of an ongoing project with a secure application. 

Here we track the entire life of, literally, every single piece of paper so that our customer has a complete audit trail.

The only way we could help hit the delivery deadline was to fly to the manufacturing unit and bring the goods back in less than 24 hrs (with all the complexities that entails).

Then, finally, despite the postal strike, we were still able to deliver to the end sites over the weekend and yesterday. 

Really pleased to be able to do our small part in this to help our customer deliver on a much bigger, wider ranging project.