Web recall project

What does it mean to Tessell8?

Our goal in life is to take all the separate elements of a project that don’t fit and find ways to make them fit, seamlessly, so that you look amazing.

A project, that goes live this week, really demonstrates this well. 

Kubota Groundcare’s GR1600 pan European safety recall requires a number of separate elements to come together:

Recall web site design, implementation and hosting

Data capture and reporting 

Compliance logging

Multiple languages

Forwarding and wire frame integration with the corporate site

Mailer production for tens of thousands of addresses

Integration of specialised tool 

Fulfilment and postage in country across the whole of Europe (with the added complexity of Brexit)

We have brought all these elements together to deliver one single seamless project.

The power of 8

If you happen to own a GR 1600, please check your rear wheels!