just a label?

When we started Tessell8 we sat around the table and one of us joked  “we basically need to be able to do just what we do now, but not have to get dressed!”

We have a deep rooted aversion to doing any work that is not necessary.

Recently one of our clients let us take a look at the entire production process for their shelf edge POS, bringing this, somewhat unorthodox, approach to bear.

We completely unpicked everything and reengineered the process from end to end. The result was that the POS arrived quicker and easier and more than 60% cheaper…….Just to let that settle….. more than 60% cheaper. All of a sudden, it’s not just a shelf edge label.

Let us bring our mind set to your business, if it doesn’t need doing, we will find a way around it but, rest assured, if it DOES need doing we will move heaven and earth to make it happen.