Quality Policy

Tessell8 provides a range of products and service to a disparate range of customers. As such we recognise the need for a quality management system to ensure that we highlight areas of potential concern, manage any non conformances and provide a structure through which we can continuously improve the processes within the company for the benefit of our customers, our staff and the long terms standing of the company.

As such we believe that maintaining the standard is something that every member of staff is responsible for.

We commit to the following:

  1. Maintain and continuously improve our quality management system
  2. Set, measure and maintain a set of objectives for our quality management system
  3. Regularly undergo both internal and external audits of this system to ensure its continued effectiveness
  4. Ensure that all staff are trained in the function, maintenance, importance and benefits of the quality management system.
  5. Provide a vehicle through which our quality management system can be maintained through regular management meetings and constant review
  6. Ensure that our quality management system continues to be appropriate for our changing business and needs of our customers
  7. Quality performance statistics will be made available upon request