Whatever you want, Whatever you like…….

Can it be done? You are in the right place!
Tessell8 - a creative media, publishing, technology and logistics organisation that supports marketeers and trainers in the primary, secondary and tertiary publishing arena.

We create high quality media and web solutions that engage and facilitate fragmented organisations, then deploy globally via cloud based solutions that streamline and automate this typically transaction heavy space.

Using a range of SASS services integrated with our own software we create tailored solutions from a unique position. With no capital invested in facilities or hardware we are exceptionally nimble and flexible.
Developing results oriented packages that manage the front end client experience right through to the delivery of the product. Provision of design, layout and creative services with the ability to put all the pieces together into one streamlined solution. From studio and photography right through to print and installation.

Our clients include globally recognised brands, all of whom have one thing in common. They have taken a transaction heavy, high cost business process and turned it into a revenue stream with little or no effort and no up front costs. They enjoy fresh creative ideas, exceptionally fast design and media blended with global production and delivery of digital and printed product in tight time frames and under budget.
With in house creative resources and through a global network of partners providing everything from on location filming, photography and design to cloud services, programming, and manufacturing we deliver a complete end to end solution.

Effectively putting both ends of the supply chain next to each other, automating the transactions and allowing our clients to 'sit back and watch' we reduce costs, improve brand delivery and speed up the process.