six years

This is where it all started six years ago.

We all sat around this very table and said:

"There must be a better way"

Six years down the road, and we have customers & partner facilities in every continent.

We deliver around the world, every day.

We provide the entire service from idea to delivery, be it physical or digital.

We manage everything from a single book to an entire global warehouse transition
to print on demand. Everything from a single image to an entire creative process
from shoot to screen.

We automate the 'socks' off everything we can with our own software "InterLock".

We are privileged to work with some fantastic people at some fantastic companies
(some very small, some you see every day).

A very big thanks to everyone that has helped us make this possible.




Everyone is different right?

Each site has different, unique needs and you need to respond
super quick to market changes to maximise returns.

Briefed in on Wednesday, approved on Thursday (afternoon) and
in the field for Saturday morning.

With a different mix of POP and hardware for each unique location
across the Welcome Break / Extra estate.

Tessell8, making all the pieces fit together.... seamlessly.


new opening

New opening? Need one less thing to worry about?

Some of the worlds biggest brands rely on Tessell8 to get it right first time,
every time and get it there tomorrow.

Everything you need in one seamless solution. Get in touch to see how we
can make your life just a little less stressful.

One less thing to worry about.



You have sleepless nights making sure everything is perfect....

.....let us have sleepless nights making sure it is delivered just as perfectly.

Our clients pour their time, passion and resources into the projects they
trust us with, we aim to work with the same level of passion to get it
just right.

It is just as important to us that we deliver your projects as perfectly
as you envisage them being delivered.

We work with our clients and partners around the world to do this every
day and carry the stress so you don't have to.

Tessell8..... Unique to you.


Brexit 2

Worried about how a hard Brexit will effect getting your material across borders?

Our clients aren't giving it a second thought.

With production locations across Europe (and right around the globe as it happens),
Tessell8 have you completely covered.

If you are concerned about how a hard Brexit will effect your ability to deliver,
get in touch.

Join them! Come, take a seat, lay back and enjoy your summer!



How good is your supply chain at keeping your promises?

Can you rely on it to deliver at the last minute every time?

From request to update to production in a matter of hours,
let us show you how Tessell8 can help you close those last
minute training deals without breaking into a sweat!



FREE SHIPPING to all the following locations!!

Australia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Kuwait, Malaysia, 
North America, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South America, UAE
& The United Kingdom.

With partner facilities right around the world there is no need to ship globally.

If you do need to make it, save CO2, time and money. Make it local!



0-60 in only a few hours!

Screens that is.... Tessell8 can design, manage and schedule all
your customer facing screens so your digital menus and POP keep
right up with changing markets.

A lot quicker than you might expect for a lot less than you might think.


giving 2019

Dont forget to choose your preferred charity when you order!

Tessell8 give 10% of our profit away every year, we have done
since our very first day trading.

Simply follow the link on your order confirmation and choose where
you would like us to donate!


april fools

Tessell8 are proud to announce the Tessell8 Virtual Assistant!

Are you a brand manager and on the road a lot of the time?
Regularly need POP but never have the chance to organise it?

Now, with the Tessell8 Virtual Assistant simply ask it to order the
material for you and then move onto the next thing, while
Tessell8 take care of everything!

Fully compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

Tessell8, saving you time and money!


A plus B

A + B + срок + вчера….

Как бы тщательно Вы ни планировали, иногда все проходит не так, как ожидаешь.
Перед Вами — куча элементов, которые совершенно друг с другом не сочетаются,
и крайний срок, который опасно подступает все ближе. Мы надежно защищаем тылы,
уделяя каждой детали столько же внимания, сколько бы уделили ей Вы — только вместо
Вас. Мы не только выполним работу, но и сделаем ее так же быстро и эффективно,
как и Вы, не разорив Вас. Принося те же жертвы, что и Вы, когда все идет не так,
как ожидалось.

Tessell8: процесс, благодаря которому к Вам приходят, берут все эти проблемы и находят
идеальное решение, чтобы Вы могли спокойно уйти и сосредоточиться на более
интересных вещах!



A + B + square + yesterday….

No matter how hard you plan, sometimes things just don’t go the way you expect.

You are left with a pile of pieces that just don’t fit together and a deadline that just won’t go away.

Our entire goal in life is to take all that stuff and make it work seamlessly. We work in the
background giving every element the same level of focus and attention you would so you don’t have to.

It’s not just about getting a job done, it’s about delivering it as quickly and effectively as you would
without breaking the bank. Making the same sacrifices you would when things don’t quite go the
way they are expected to.

Tessell8: the process by which someone comes along and takes all that stuff and makes
it fit perfectly so you can go and focus on better things!


Ici….. Là-bas….. Partout (enfin presque)

Choisissez Tessell8 pour tous vos besoins en impression et livraison, partout dans le monde.

Grâce à ses sites de production à Calgary, Singapour, Johannesbourg, Moscou et bien d’autres
villes (y compris au Moyen-Orient), Tessell8 vous permet d’imprimer et de livrer au plus proche
du point de livraison et de vous faire économiser du temps et de l’argent.

Grâce à InterLock, notre logiciel de gestion des commandes, vos commandes sont prises en
charge de manière entièrement automatisée. Ainsi, nos équipes de production traitent vos
commandes dès qu’elles sont passées !

Vous voulez économiser du temps, optimiser votre rentabilité et livrer plus vite ?

Avez Tessell8, c’est possible !

Et profitez du temps gagné pour faire ceci…..


Here….. There….. Everywhere (well nearly)

If you do need to print and deliver around the world, Tessell8 have you covered.

With production facilities from Calgary to Singapore, Johannesburg to Moscow and many
places in between (including the middle east) Tessell8 can make and deliver locally saving
you time and money.

Better still, with InterLock, our own order management software, the entire process can be
totally automated. Our production teams working on your clients order within seconds of
it being placed!

Strip out the time and the cost and deliver quicker?

Yes, indeed!

Then spend more time doing this…..”


Null…Nichts…Überhaupt nichts

Es gibt nur wenige Dinge, die frustrierender sind, als eine Beziehung zu einem
Lieferanten aufzubauen, der wenig später durch eine neue Person ersetzt wird.

Es kostet Sie erneut viel Zeit, Ihr Business ausführlich zu erklären!

Unsere Mitarbeiter sind von Beginn an bei uns. Sie sind fantastisch und wir
kümmern uns um sie.

Null-Fluktuation bei unseren Mitarbeitern bedeutet für Sie, dass Sie auch
nächstes Jahr noch mit derselben Person wie vor 3 Jahren sprechen werden.
Dieselbe Person, die Sie bisher betreut und Ihr Business ganz genau kennt.

Wir verstehen, dass es Zeit kostet, alle Einzelheiten Ihres Business zu erlernen.
Das Ergebnis ist, dass wir uns viel Zeit für Sie nehmen können.

Und was können Sie mit dieser Zeit anfangen? Nun, Sie könnten Ihre Augen
schließen und sich vorstellen, hier barfuß zu sein!

Weiter so…Fühlen Sie den weichen warmen Sand zwischen Ihren Zehen


Zero… Nothing…. None whatsoever....

There are few things more frustrating than building a relationship with a supplier to
find the person is suddenly replaced by a new person.

You have to waste time teaching them your business all over again!

Our staff have been here ever since the beginning. They are awesome and we look
after them.

With zero staff turnover you know you will speak to the same person next year as
you did three years ago. The same person who has walked with you and knows
your business inside out.

We understand that we need to invest time to learn all the minutiae of your business.
This way we can free up the most time possible for you.

And what can you do with that time? Well, you could close your eyes and imagine
you are walking barefoot here!

Go on…. Squeeze your toes in the soft warm sand.....


No matter what's happening around you, Tessell8 will help clear the path to make things easy.

Regardless of how big or small the project and regardless of where in the world you need it,
Tessell8 have you covered.

Getting stuff done quickly and easily, knowing it will happen allows you to focus on your day.
Get in touch and find out what our idea of service can do.



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