The Gatehouse does some really amazing work to support the
homeless in Oxford.

It is open every day and provides a drop in cafe with a warm
secure environment. Alongside food, clothing and bedding
it provides counselling and access to services.

It also relies COMPLETELY on charitable donations.

Because of this we count it a massive privilege to have been
able to support The Gatehouse as one of our designated
charities last year.

It is often very hard to know what to do when faced with
homelessness but there are ways you can help: A hot drink,
a friendly face, just taking the time to chat, or even
volunteering at a local shelter.

We have also decided to continue to support The Gatehouse
in the long term as Tessell8's FIRST PERMANENT CHARITY.

Watch this space for future updates.....


Charities 2019

Happy New year to everyone from Tessell8!

Around this time of year we get to do one of our favourite things!

Over the coming weeks we will be meeting with our charities from
last year and making the donations that you made possible.

Watch this space for more details....



Want a bit less panic and a bit more calm in your life?

Last Friday afternoon, a client 3500 miles away in one direction had an
exceptionally urgent need for training material to be delivered to
another location.....

.....4200 miles in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION!

With a little help from Tessell8 we were able to provide a solution
and bring some calm back to proceedings in just a few hours.

ahhhhhhh.... cup of tea anyone?




Really grateful for the kind comments from Tim recently about the service
from Tessell8. Here are Tim's comments with a few other bits of feedback recently.

We probably sound like a bit of a broken record but service is everything to us and
it really makes our day when we get feedback like this!

"I don’t support Tessell8 so I can get a freebie, I support them because they do an
awesome job at providing digital and print for my brands - Harry Ramsden,
PizzaExpress and our own brand Truckstop. Their service is amazing and they are
a fantastic partner."

"You have made my day. Thank you so much. Exceptional service again."

"Very much appreciate you going out on a limb on this one."... "Have I ever told
you how easy you make my job by being a true partner?"




How important is it to you?

How many times do you miss an opportunity because
you just can't get 'it' done quick enough?

At Tessell8, we work crazy hours to make you look amazing
and we deliver projects in minutes and hours, not days and weeks.

With global capability we can often deliver projects while you sleep,
ready and in your inbox for the next morning.

Whatever 'it' happens to be, we have loads of stories where our clients
have taken advantage of an opportunity before it's gone, thanks to how
fast we can deliver.

The world moves fast, opportunities are rare, make the most of them while you can!


hopwood park

South of Birmingham? Need a break?

Drop in at Hopwood Park and see the new
take on Station forecourts.

Grab a coffee and relax in the comfortable seating.

Oh, and while you are there take a look at all the
shelf edge POP provided by Tessell8, turned around
in super quick time.



At Tessell8, we work tirelessly to deliver the best level of service
we possibly can, so you can get on with your job.

So emails like this REALLY make our day!

"Very much appreciate you going out on a limb on this one."...

...."Have I ever told you how easy you make my job by being a true partner?"

Tessell8: Exceptional service, around the world, whatever the world brings.


Brexit 2

Worried about how a hard Brexit will effect getting your material across borders?

Our clients aren't giving it a second thought.

With production locations across Europe (and right around the globe as it happens),
Tessell8 have you completely covered.

Join them! Come, take a seat, lay back and chill!


big smoke run

speaking of charities.......

Homelessness is a massive issue that effects so many of us.
A big shout out to David Schaffer on raising over £1300 for Shelter.

A real privilege for Tessell8 to be able to support Dave the "Big Smoke Run",
finishing in 2 hours 40 minutes!


all about money

 Here is our third and final charity for this financial year. A lesser known charity that does
amazing work changing the lives of those caught in the cycle of debt; All About Money

Dont forget, YOU vote when you order, YOU decide where our money goes!

"Debt Causes Mental Health Problems and Mental Health Problems Cause Debt!

1 in 3 people who are in arrears go on to develop a mental health issue and you are 4 – 6
times more likely to have a debt crisis if you have a mental health issue. (*Martin Lewis –
MSE) Mental health problems can affect motivation, judgement and income as well as your
ability to do things like make calls or even open post."



Introducing the second of our chosen charities for this year; Tommys

We promised a close family friend that, if they made a personal best
in a half marathon they were running for Tommys, we would support
the charity all year!

They nailed it, and we chose them!

Tommy’s funds research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth,
and provide pregnancy health information to parents. They are the largest
charity funding research into the causes of miscarriage, stillbirth and
premature birth


Oxford hospitals

As you may know, Tessell8 give 10% of our profit away every year.
We have done so, from the very first day of trading.

It is an immense privilege to share the first of our three charities for this year;
The Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford (NOC).

We had first hand experience of the amazing levels of care they give and
felt that supporting them was the least we could do.


Video post

These are genuine customer comments about working with Tessell8.

We put everything we have into delivering for our clients so they look amazing!

Over the last few weeks one of our clients has successfully rolled out a transition
from a warehouse distribution model to a print on demand model for their ENTIRE
global book publishing business.

This has happened alongside the implementation of a new web store AND the launch
of their flagship product. The culmination of more than six months collaboration with

We have been working in the background developing the technology to seamlessly
integrate with their new systems as well and testing and managing the data responses
and live posting of shipping data. Meanwhile, we have been supporting the client in
creating an entirely new production model requiring new processes, interaction and
project management with multiple disciplines within their business.

All of this in a highly pressured environment, approval deadlines coming and going
whilst delivery dates remain the same.

Post testing, we processed almost 250 orders in the first week, more than 100 orders
in a single day. Overall, processing orders for more than 15,000 books.

Yesterday we shipped more than 150 orders alone.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you look amazing !


Business cards.....

A necessary item?
A bit retro?
A nice to have?

If you need them, but hate spending a fortune on them, Tessell8
have a great deal on business cards for you.

What's more we will print them on proper card with a proper
finish and send you enough to last you way past Brexit!

A box of 1000 cards with matt lamination on both sides and a
gloss varnish (to highlight your logo) for £55.*

Fancy a free box?

Jump over to our LinkedIn page and then the first 8 to like and share this get a free box ;-)

*contact us for the full specification



six years

This is where it all started six years ago.

We all sat around this very table and said:

"There must be a better way"

Six years down the road, and we have customers & partner facilities in every continent.

We deliver around the world, every day.

We provide the entire service from idea to delivery, be it physical or digital.

We manage everything from a single book to an entire global warehouse transition
to print on demand. Everything from a single image to an entire creative process
from shoot to screen.

We automate the 'socks' off everything we can with our own software "InterLock".

We are privileged to work with some fantastic people at some fantastic companies
(some very small, some you see every day).

A very big thanks to everyone that has helped us make this possible.



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