“Stock cubes just taste of…. well stock cubes”

When I was a trainee chef, my head chef made the above comment and it stuck. We feel pretty much the same about stock images, they just look like…. stock images. A really big thank you to all the people who have let us use their images for the site. We’ll refresh the images as often as we can and hope you get as much pleasure out of these stunning images as we have.

All of the photos across the site are taken by photographers around the world:

A perfect fit: ‘Out of the darkness’, copyright Janey Petterson, contact: www.napierphoto.co.uk
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Please respect the photographers rights and don’t copy the images without their permission. Please contact us if their details are not listed here.

Big thanks to Paul Hettler, without whom, this site would not be here. He’s totally amazing. If you want a web site, he and his clan are very cool indeed. Contact: paul@paulwebdesign.co.uk

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