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Don't just take our word for what we can achieve together, let our customers tell you!

Below are seven examples that outline what are customers have been able to achieve working in partnership with Tessell8. Most of our customers value their confidentiality, and for this reason the below case studies are annonymous. If you would like to read the fully detailed case studies please contact us for access, or if you are already a member then please login here.

Case Study 1

QSR (Quick Service Restaurant Chain)

“It seems Tessell8 can do anything! We know them and trust them”.

This customer is one of those great clients that started out very small and now that we have their confidence we are able to grow together, daily.
As an International brand the UK team were tied to large, expensive and inflexible vendors but budgets dictated that better cost efficiencies and higher service levels were needed. A small UK team also meant that the working day was never long enough, any time saved or any problem shared has a massive impact on everyone.

We are proud to say that we are often the go to supplier when a problem is identified but no one knows the solution or if it is even possible.
A chance introduction led to a small print order of material and the start of a beautiful friendship.

Tessell8 were able to challenge the way things were being done while offering viable alternative solutions together. This now includes POP design and photography shaving thousands off of the annual spend in these areas.
The online store has provided an efficient and Brand approved supply of every day POP and training documentation for the franchisee base. This avoids local production issues of poor quality items that do not follow brand guidelines devaluing the retail environment.

Across both of this customers brands we now supply a huge range of products and services from photography, POP print to new site project management and installations. The relationship is only limited by our imagination and when you meet us you will know ours is more vivid than most.

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Case Study 2

QSR (Quick Service Restaurant Chain)

“We are so thankful that we found Tessell8. They have been able to take our franchise print requirement, automate it and allow us to offload the stress and worry to them”.

This customer suffers the same limitations as every multinational franchise operation – How to service all the countries, in their native language whilst keeping efficiencies in stock and delivery. The current offer was only available in English but the client had sites right across Europe from Iceland to Greece. It was key to translate sites to local languages to increase franchisee buy in and engagement. It was also essential to make access possible via mobile for the busy franchisees and their staff who often need to order on the move.

Tessell8 were able to take the customers current system and using ‘Interlock’, our own bespoke back end software, and tailor to fit the customers current order site and run it across all the required languages.
The tailored country sites now have the added bonus of being able to take into account local tax and regulatory issues making delivery and billing a breeze for the franchisees.

Efficient file management has reduced the instances of out of date items to zero which in turn allows for an increased, ever expanding, range of available products. Close stock control has allowed us to analyse product sell through so that more popular items are bulk produced and stored for despatch whilst others are printed to order. Overall costs are reduced and brand integrity is protected across the region.

Tessell8 have now importantly gained the trust of the franchisee base and requests for new items are now flooding in direct rather than via this customers management team. All requests are approved by our customer's brand guardians before going online but the whole process is much quicker and more efficient leading to happier franchisees and in turn a happier client for us.

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Case Study 3


“The best business decision the company has made in living memory”.

This customer is a training delivery provider that delivers key training content for a range of global companies around the world. Although based in the USA, our customer needs a smooth, automated and above all reliable supply chain for the whole range of training content (both paper and tablet).

Interlock, our software system, has allowed us to create a fully automated delivery solution with little human interaction and therefore a huge reduction in both costs and order errors in all areas of the supply chain.

Once an order is placed Interlock will create all of the required order and shipping documentation which is then sent to the relevant supply centre (across Russia, Europe and South Africa) for production and delivery. Once the delivery is arranged the system produces the relevant invoice and shipping details which is forwarded to the order maker. This has reduced picking and packing errors to practically nothing increasing efficiency but more importantly raising the brand image with their customers. Leading to higher repeat business, good news for everyone!

This customer is a client with a big heart. On a recent trip to see them in the USA the VP gave up a whole weekend to take the team sightseeing – what a great gesture for which we couldn’t help but send them one of our famous branded onesies. When we say our business is all about our relationships we aren’t kidding.

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Case Study 4


“Doing business now is just so much easier and you deserve the success”.

You will never have heard the likes of this before – This company became a customer after a boiler broke down!

An engineer was so polite and efficient (but expensive) that we called their Head Office trainer to find out if we could get involved with their training book supply to help pay the engineers bill! We went in to see them the following week and the rest is history.

Our goal is to keep costs down and make the process so simple it runs itself. We found out that the cheapest way to produce the required titles is to buy in the printed book blocks in bulk from our production team in the Czech Republic, these are then finished in the UK. Our web based ordering system, alongside the back end fulfilment automation has made the ordering process painless and very cost effective.

As a small company we have been able to reduce the burden of time and effort on the staff as well as significantly reducing cost and order errors.

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Case Study 5


“In Tessell8 we have finally found a supplier we can trust”.

This customer specialises in home schooling and were struggling to find a supplier that understood their vision and was able to deliver automation and consistency without adding significant direct or indirect costs. With over 1,000 different titles print and supply the processes could become a complete minefield if not handled efficiently.

Using our standard ‘out of the box’ web and fulfilment solution alongside our capable UK supply chain we have been able to deliver our customer with a simple yet effective solution that ticked all their boxes. It is transparent, auditable and easy to use while efficiently manages and delivers the right product.

Tessell8 have provided a solution that takes all the worry out of the supply chain along with the added bonus of reducing costs by up to 30%. We call that a win win. The simple order path also supplies the required audit trail and clear invoices that the business needed.

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Case Study 6


Consistently high customer service, regardless of how many times we move the goal posts.

Most of our clients just want a hassle free day and we have been able to remove the stress of training manual supply across the UK for this customer.
With high recruitment levels and training a high priority for the company, automation was the only way forward.

Our solution has been so nimble that when they chose to make a wholesale change from colour production to B&W we were able to make the switch overnight. Costs went down but the service stayed exactly the same. With little maintenance from either side, Interlock does all the hard work.

We believe in doing business that works no matter how much money you spend. We will give the same exceptional level of service regardless.

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Case Study 7

Full Service Offer

“we had a gap in our budget and T8 were able to pull out all the stops to provide a solution in record time and well within the minimal budget available”

We all dream of endless budgets to use as and when we please, some clients are blessed with utopia but most aren’t. We were set a tough challenge; could we replicate a food shoot (that would normally cost in excess of £40k) for an absolute shoe string.

The short answer is yes we can! By cutting out unnecessary unseen costs such as studio hire and expensive art direction the final bill came in at just under £2k. Quality did not suffer as we were able to pull together a team of multi-skilled specialists to produce the required images in a fraction of the time.

Because we manage and deliver the entire chain from concept to poster we are able minimise time wastage. The person actually taking the pictures knows exactly what will be needed at the other end.

By controlling the full process from start to finish we are also able to ensure that the output is fit for purpose reducing the need for added artwork or touching up before production.

Tessell8 are proud to be able to offer you a full service from design, art direction, photography (food, product and portrait) and post production facilities alongside design, print and delivery.

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